Access Control Services

Our Access Control Systems Protect Your Store or Office with Convenient, Secure Technology Solutions

One of the most important decisions you make as a business owner is who gets access to your premises. Our modern access control systems provide easy entry for those who belong and a tough barrier for those who don’t. When needed, you can change permissions quickly for new hires and ex-employees, and all without managing keys and rekeying locks. At Southern Safe and Lock, we have access control systems for you from a standalone door buzzer system to let customers into your jewelry shop to a complete building access control system for your medium-sized office building.

Making the Jump from a Ring of Keys to Keyless Door Access Control

image of two types of keypad door locks (top) a door buzzer system on the outside brick wall of a commercial building (middle), and a key-card access control system in an office building (bottom).

We can upgrade your business’s access control with keypad door locks (top), door buzzer systems (middle), and key-card or fob-based access control systems (bottom).

​As a modern business owner, you can trade your forever out-of-date ring of keys for a set of prox fobs for your management team that gets them where they need to go. Just wave the fob by the proximity reader and get into the building, your offices, everywhere staff should be but easily limit access to the cash office or parts department if desired. Promote your supervisor to assistant manager, update their record, and they’ve got the access they need to do their new job. For secure areas, you can add face recognition and fingerprint locks, essential for protecting your assets or keeping track of who accesses your research lab.

Upgrading Your Building Security or Moving to a Bigger Facility

Your team’s safety and security rely on managing your space. We recommend video doorbell systems or Aiphone intercoms to handle visitors to your office when the main door is across the warehouse, and for security to handle your front door remotely on weekends. Electronic door locks give you lots of options including keypad locks where you enter a code for access, and touchless access control so you can enter hands-free, great for busy workplaces and today’s health-conscious environments. Maglock systems are perfect for manufacturing environments where carts need to be wheeled through—they just let the door swing once access is granted. We can bring your space up to date with these and other features, or prepare your new facility with the access control equipment you need.

Multidoor Office Suites and Card Readers

If you’re tired of issuing keys for your offices, especially if you have space for sales staff to catch up on paperwork or customer service staff who rotate shifts, try managing them with technology. Electric strike door locks and card readers provide a simple solution that gives you easy control and management of lost cards much like modern hotel keys. You can even use this system to control restroom access in larger buildings and avoid unnecessary traffic coming in from the street.

Let Us Design and Install Your Commercial Access System

When you’re securing your building, you want lock experts rather than a wiring company ensuring your physical security. At Southern Safe and Lock, we install, service, and support a wide variety of electronic access control systems for our commercial customers in the Mobile, AL, and Gulf Coast area who count on us. We’re professional members of SAVTA, ALOA, ALA, and 1-800-Unlocks, with over 20 years of locksmithing experience. Ask about our 10% locksmith discount for military and first responders. Call 251-333-1166.