Motorcycle Locksmith Service

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Everyone can find themselves suddenly in need of a vehicle locksmith. Whether you lose your keys, need a duplicate, get locked out, or want to upgrade your car’s security, you need a local locksmith that can do the job right. What if that vehicle is a motorcycle? Not all locksmiths specialize in motor locksmith services. If you love your chopper, Southern Safe and Lock provides a comprehensive selection of motorcycle locksmith services to keep you on the open road.

Turn to Your Motorcycle Locksmith for Key Replacement

image of a BMW motorcycle with a new key in the ignition (top) and a motorcycle ignition lock (bottom)

We can handle a variety of motorcycle lock and key jobs including cutting new keys (top), and repairing or replacing motorcycle ignition locks (bottom).

Motorcycle locksmiths specialize in the unique key and lock configurations of a motorbike. If you are lucky enough to find an experienced one, they will offer a comprehensive array of services for all the major manufacturers. Southern Safe and Key in Mobile, AL has more than two decades of serving your professional locksmith needs. We work on all the major motorcycle brands, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and many more. We provide a choice of key types, from standard to high security. So, whether you don’t have a key at all or simply want to keep your bike even safer,

Losing your motorcycle key can spoil a beautiful day on the road. Sometimes, even when you have a spare, it isn’t near enough to help. When you need to replace motorcycle keys, you need an experienced professional. Otherwise, you risk damaging your ignition with an inferior key. When you trust the professionals at Southern Safe and Lock, you are guaranteed a quality key that will last. Motorcycle key replacement is only one of the many ways your motorcycle locksmith at Southern Safe and Lock can help you.

Quality Motorcycle Locksmith Services from Southern Safe and Lock

We offer a full range of services for your motorcycle, including:

Rekey a Motorcycle ignition: Worried that your motorcycle key has gotten into the wrong hands? Rekeying is a basic, less expensive option if you have lost your key or are concerned that a spare is with an untrustworthy party. We can make sure that the original key is no longer the one that will start your bike, making any copies worthless.

Repair Motorcycle Ignition: Is your key getting harder and harder to take out of the ignition? Have you broken a key off into your ignition? We can fix these and more ignition problems, like a jammed ignition. We use only the finest quality parts for our repairs, for the best results.

Programming Chipped Motorcycle Keys: These specialized keys have a transponder chip inside. It contains the code that your bike needs to be allowed to start. These transponder keys provide reliable theft protection that can help you protect your investment.

Cutting Tubular Harley Davidson Keys: Motorcycle locks give you an additional security layer that is often necessary. These tubular, or barrel, keys are all the rage, especially with locks for Harleys.

Motorcycles aren’t all we take care of at Southern Safe and Lock. We also provide a comprehensive selection of ATV, boat, and RV keys, along with gas cap lock and key sets.

Trust the experts at Southern Safe and Lock for the latest in motorcycle security keys, key duplication, and ignition repair and rekeying. Southern Safe and Lock is a member of SATVA, ALA, 1-800-Unlocks, and ALOA.

Contact us today at Southern Safe and Lock for more information about our complete line of professional locksmith offerings, including reliable motorcycle locksmith services.